#CommitToCreate 6pm-7pm CT TONIGHT!!!

Creativity is exercise for the mind….and much like exercise for the body…it’s hard to commit to going to the gym, but you always feel better after you have gone.

It has been easier for me to commit to going to the gym than it has been for me to commit to create and use my creativity….so…..I am starting a “movement”….or starting a mission to move myself to create on a regular basis and encouraging others to join me that will encourage this commitment and hopefully/eventually build a community of like-minded people that have a desire to create and support others in the struggle…because we are all Creative Beasts…and The Struggle is REAL…and THAT’S OK!

It starts tonight…with the first commitment…1hr…6pm-7pm CT (7pm-8pm ET for my east coasters and 4pm-5pm PT for the west)… I will be creative and create something for at least one hour…I hope you will support me…hold me accountable…even better join me, take the challenge and make the commitment yourself…and maybe even collaborate…and spark our next #CommitToCreate event!

I started a Facebook page that you can like HERE

….and a link to the first #CommitToCreate event HERE

Thank you for excercising your creativity!

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