OZ pt2: Ryan The Friendly DJ

Let me say that over the course of my 12+ years in the Media and Entertainment industry that I have found that it is very easy to have an ego and almost expected in a lot of roles as it is often the easiest way to meet the expectations of the general public vision of larger than life personalities and lifestyles….Sales and Programming professionals at a radio station are in fact celebrities or at minimum they run in the same crowd on a regular basis…rubbing elbows with the the biggest brands and musicians, athletes, and TV superstars on a regular basis…and even more ego inflating…these celebrities actually NEED THEM!!!….if a rockstar needs you….I’m pretty sure that makes you a rockstar in some sense…or at least makes you feel like one!…aka easy head inflation.

That being said…I have also come across and worked with some of the most down to earth, humble, friendly and helpful sales and programming people in the world….and it unto itself is very refreshing and humbling and a great reminder of how wonderful a practice it can be to eliminate the ego (for more on eliminating the ego…check out Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday….also on MY BOOK LIST)…that certainly was the case when meeting Ryan (The Friendly DJ) as on the journey down my yellow brick road to Oz over the past 6 months…..

I say Ryan a few times as I worked late hours and he worked the night shift as a DJ on the Rock station….always passed my office with a friendly “hello” or glance of the eyes….I listened in a few times…followed him on social media…and overall caught good vibrations at every step in the process getting to know Ryan before we actually formally introduced ourselves (one night randomly after seeing each other all too often)…it was easy to talk music with a rock DJ…and so we did briefly…and carried on…until I had a project I was working on for a big whiskey brand that needed a cool, smooth, rock representative….and I asked Ryan to voice a spec script I had written for an upcoming major presentation…no questions asked…no money promised…he CRUSHED IT!!!…even improved the script with a few heartfelt emotional ad libs….and thanked me for thinking of him…..I was the one wanting to thank him….what a friendly, humble, ego-less, kick ass professional!

Then shortly thereafter I was laid off….(as mentioned before in this post a bit of a blow to the ego I didn’t think I had)…and I didn’t even get a chance to participate in the presentation or share Ryan’s spot with the Whiskey brand….and, of all the people that I had worked with over the past year….Ryan (The Friendly DJ)….was the first to reach out to me….show compassion for my loss….lift me up with kindness and positive motivation complimenting my skills and what he had seen from me in such a short period of time (passion, hard work, creativity, no ego)….and go a step further to promise to connect me with a few people that would help me on my journey down the yellow brick road over the next few months…one of the biggest networking aficionados in the city (Chris The Connector), an agency professional (Ryan The Strategy Strategist), and an creative journeyman (Dan The Trusting Friend of a Friend)….the seeds he planted and the little kick start he gave proved gold on the road to OZ….i’ll share more of the journey over the next few posts….moral of this part of the story….egos exist….so do good friendly ego-less people…both often where you least expect them…Thank you Ryan!

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