If You Don’t Have a Dream…THEN GO TO SLEEP!

I developed this saying as a mantra for myself over the years feeling privileged enough to know my dream while interacting with co-workers, friends and interns who often seemed lost in their direction.  Its easy to go to college for something and enter the real world and not know exactly how that college education translates in to a real job that pays real money…or having lost a job or lost your direction at any other time in your career…being a dreamer for me has been a blessing that has helped me accomplish some of my greatest moments…marrying my wife, sharing my proudest work with my mom and dad (a kick-ass fireworks show and festival)…and of course photographing Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam in front of the guard rail with a photo pass in Cincinnati!…but dreaming can be hard work and takes commitment…who would have thought!?!? Let me explain

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DREAM…THEN GO TO SLEEP!  In so many words…what I mean here is…if you don’t know what you want in life on a very grand scale…as well as on a very specific scale (the more specific the better)…then that is the one most important thing to figure out and the one thing that you should spend as much time as possible on…ie. wake up…try to figure out your dream…eat…try to figure out your dream…handle any required life necessities and work to survive and be healthy…try to figure out your dream…eat…try to figure out your dream…and if you don’t have it yet…then go to sleep….and do it all again tomorrow!…and if you are lucky maybe it will even come to you in your sleep by way of a dream (smiley face emoji goes here)!


List of things that typically WON’T help you figure out your dream: (as long as these somehow don’t relate to your potential dream…be honest with yourself)

  • Scrolling through social media
  • Watching TV
  • Reading/Watching/Listening to the News
  • Video Games
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Gossip
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Negative Attitude

List of things that typically WILL help you figure out your dream:

  • Thinking BIG and LONG TERM and WORK YOUR WAY BACKWARDS….ie.  When you are in your adult life career between the ages of 40-80yrs old what does your life look like? What do you do every day? Profession/work are you excited to get up and go to every day? What does your family/friends/environment look like?….and what is the step before that…and before that…to get there….want to have a big family with many kids, that can be expensive so you will need a money making solution….do you want to enjoy that money making solution?
  • VOLUNTEER A LOT – if you enjoy doing it for free…than getting paid for it will be a bonus
  • Try different jobs, industries, locations while you can…. internships in college, travel to different states/countries, help a friend or family member at their office or for an odd job
  • Talk to people in industries and professions that you may be interested in…ask them what it takes…the pros and cons…how they got interested
  • Talk to people that you know and trust (friends/family/mentors) and ask them what they think you are good at and what they see you doing for a career
  • READ A LOT on Self-Development, Business, and topics you are interested in (Check out MY BOOK LIST for suggestions)

In the grand scheme of things, the sooner you know what you are chasing, the sooner you can point all of your energy in that direction on a regular daily basis.  If you know that you want to be an Astronaut with a big family living on the beach somewhere…then you will notice the guy at the diner with a NASA patch on his jacket and may introduce yourself…or decide to start exploring different beach towns for your annual spring break vacations…and pay more attention/ask more questions about friends and relatives as they build and grow their families….

So check where you are now…it’s never too late to have a dream…and IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DREAM…THEN GO TO SLEEP!!!

Eddie Vedder with Pearl Jam, Cincinnati, October 2014 by Justin Tabas

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