What is a Creative Beast!?!?

We are all creative beasts….we have a desire to create daily from the beginning of humanity…we all create..whether we realize it or not…

Have you ever created a playlist?

….a meal for yourself

….a new business idea

….a new workout routine

….a clever explanation for a friends question

….a new way of organizing your room, desk, personal belongings

These are all things that require creativity and elements of creation…it absolutely pains me to hear people say “…but I’m not creative…” because we are all creative if we just allow ourselves to give credit to creation in all of its various forms.  We do not need to be Picasso nor Elon Musk to come up with an idea, create something new or develop the latest creative solution for a problem.  Creativity is an inherent human capability and desire and is the main reason we have such a developed society in such a short history of time.

Much like all actions towards a specific goal…the first step of becoming a creative beast, is recognizing that you already are a creative beast…so unleash the beast and start giving yourself credit for your creations!!!

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